A Living Example


How individual but, simultaneously, similar are we?
Analyzing her self as social sculpture and choreography, Sara Lanner is browsing through her own personality, page by page. Layer by layer she reveals stories, characteristics, categories and clichés that are specific to her own identity - but in which the audience finds itself at all times in the spotlight of their own reflection.


Sara Lanner | Concept, Choreography, Performance
Gabrielle Cram | Dramaturgical Support
Supported by | Huggy Bears/Superamas, ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna, Tanzquartier Vienna, die ttp


Video-Documentation | https://vimeo.com/199065325

Password: please write to contac@SaraLanner.com


Co2 Festival - Lokomotiva Skopje (2017)

NAKT Festival Hamburg (2017)

WUK Performing Arts Vienna (2016)

imagetanz Festival brut Vienna (2016)

APORIAS - Exhibition @ Friday Exit Vienna (2016)

Tendances - Emerging Female Artists in Performance Arts (2015)

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2015)